Jan 2023 Build poll


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with the Flettner 282 almost finished with the build starting in January 2023

Douglas XB-43 light/medium bomber

Boeing E-3 Sentry AEW&C

Heinkel HE-177 heavy Bomber

Antonov An-22 Antei Transport

BlackBurn B-20 experimental high-performance seaplane
hmmm it is not letting me make a poll. not sure if it is not enabled in the evolution subforum or new threads cannot make polls.
I disagree with that. IMHO, the report button is for reporting ANY problem with a post or thread - not just rule violations. "I can't make a poll here" is a perfectly reasonable problem that should be reported to the admins, since polls can be created in other forums. All the admins would see the report, not just Ryan. And any of them should be able to fix the problem.
Vote: B-20 just to see how that large float works.

XB-43 just looks wrong to me, it’s like it’s made with the left over parts from other aircraft.
the new totals.
Douglas XB-433
Boeing E-32
Heinkel HE-1773
Antonov An-220
BlackBurn B-203
Are you adjusting your vote?
Looking at post #15, only two of the three I originally posted, are on that list, (the Blackburn and the Heinkel), of those two, I like the Heinkel just a "little bit" more, but wouldn`t mind seeing the Blackburn done either, just for the float factor. 😃 😃