Launcher and LauncherHelper direct download for quarantined files


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Good morning,
I am hoping this is what your talking about. I found this line of text when I run my curser over the Threat scan notice.

That sounds like a left over from the original installer personally I'd delete that file it's in the temp folder so it's not needed. But do so at your own risk.
So the good news is I Quarantined it. then opened RF and flew my plane into the tall grass. HaHa bad news is I need to stay out of the tall grass. all in all it seems to be working fine, thank you once again for your help with this, it's these little things that can drive you crazy if your not versed in such stuff.

On another note looking forward to seeing the finished product of the Serious kick butt fun plane.

Gene K

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... you can now download an installer package below that will replace [ Launcher and LauncherHelper ] for you.
Thanks, Ryan. I had given up last year, but went back at it. Thanks to your post I am back in full operation -- THANK YOU!!

Wish there were an easier way (as a sticky) for folks with this problem to dig out your solution.

Gene K


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The string referred to above contains a few guidelines for reestablishing applications after Windows Defender quarantines them, and recommends that other antivirus programming ought to have a few comparable choices. Nonetheless, a few clients have detailed that they don't have the choice to reestablish the applications after isolation. They're clearly gone until the end of time.