Model for Stanzel Museum in Schulenberg TX

Hey everyone, I’ve been a long time RF user and was wondering if I might be able to get some help importing a model for a Museum down in Schulenberg TX so that they could have a digital flying example of one of their models for visitors to use? A friend of mine modeled the wing ribs from a set of plans for me and then ended up doing the whole model in fusion 360.. I then had the idea of getting it turned into a RF model that can be flown by anyone who wants to download it as well. But I figured since it was already modeled in 3d to scale that I might be able to get some help here.
I`m just curious, what plane are you referring too..??, there may already be a model of the plane in RF.
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RF does not heed parts like the Ribs to be modeled (unless the skin is transparent). only parts that will be seen need to be modeled (skin, cockpit, gear, wheel, etc.)

I am tentatively willing to help depending on how much needs done. I would rather help you/your friend get it into rf by teaching how to do the process and not doing the process. see my signature
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Thank you everyone for your replies, I didn’t realize RF didn’t need the whole airplane modeled just the exterior really. I didn’t notice hadn’t mentioned the model name! It’s the Stanzel Super “G” Shark I unfortunately don’t have access to a computer with enough capability to reliably run any cad programs let alone realflight atm the video card in the laptop I have is too basic. My regular laptop’s hard drive gave out a couple months ago and I haven’t gotten around to getting it fixed yet. The plane was modeled by a friend in Montreal and I can have him tweak the design if I give him the basic info in what he needs to do. Which so far it seems like all he needs to finish it up is to finish adding the ailerons to the existing model. Pick a color scheme, copy it as just the basic exterior of the model and then have it uploaded? What file type does it need to be in?
FBX file format for import into RF.
Also, you will need a texture TGA file in the same folder as the FBX file on your computer.
Thank you again! Sorry it took a bit to get back to this. Work has been bleeding to much into my life lately it was hard to get away. Does RF take care of the physic model automatically or does that need to be modeled separately? You have been a tremendous help.
.....Does RF take care of the physic model automatically or does that need to be modeled separately? .....

a little bit of both RF does not do it completely automaticly. but it does handle it internally.

in the vehicle editor you place the various parts and set the weights, sizes, airfoils. choosing an appropriate engine and propeller.
Oh! Okay yeah that shouldn’t be an issue lol.. I used to work at a Hobbytown USA and we had a RF simulator stand next to the phoenix game and I would modify various planes I had an F-14 that did 1000 mph in a dive and 850ish level now the SR-71… 1200 mph level cruise oh and they were both totally indestructible I learned quickly if you didn’t make the parts 500% stronger they’d blow off lol.