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Hi guys -
I've scoured the web a bit for this, read the threads here, and even the RF Drone manual but haven't been able to get a clear answer to a question before I buy. I recently bought a Mavic Pro, and am having a great time flying it. However, I clearly need more stick time then my one battery can provide....not to mention when the weather doesn't cooperate. Is there a way in RF Drone to use the viewport options to have two windows - the main one a cam from a fixed location (like the operator) and a PIP window with the gimbal or FP view (representing the contoller)? I'm trying to replicate my Mavic experience a bit. The viewport options appear to allow multiple camera views, but it's not quite clear to me if the gimbal view can be used in an inset window.

Any thoughts?
Sorry I cant speak first hand on RealFlight Drone, as I have RealFlight 7.5.
From what I understand, Drone was built on the Realflight 7.5 platform.
It is a more basic version though. It doesn't have the editors, for modifying aircraft, or airfields. It also does not allow downloading, from the thousands of swap file custom content files. Nor does it allow, flying online with others. In 7.5 you can add custom cameras, and multiple cameras to any aircraft
If you are still in the decision making process, you may want to consider going with RealFlight 7.5, instead of Drone. RealFlight 7.5 is just SO much more versatile than Drone.
Until just recently RealFlight 7.5 was available as a software only upgrade($50) for those who already had The InterLink Elite Controller, from a earlier version of RealFlight or Drone. Unfortunately, the software only Upgrade, is now discontinued. Otherwise, I would suggest buying Drone, and the 7.5 Upgrade, and have the best of both worlds.
As things stand, My, and Other's, Experienced advise, would be, to purchase the RealFlight 7.5, With the InterLink Elite controller.
Its the most complete package available. Most Bang for the buck. Consider how much you already have invested, and how much more you may spend in this hobby. Dont cheap out, on the most important tool you can buy. With 7.5 you have the option, to train on Multi Rotor, Airplanes and Helicopters. Their all a blast.

As far as the Views go:
In 7.5, for sure, and probably Drone:
In one window, you can have the Main Window, Viewport, Overhead, Heads Up Display and various other gadget windows open all at once.
The Main Widow and the Viewport have selectable views (ground, fpv gimbal,etc) and can be zoomed. The overhead view is also zoomable. The PIP windows can also be dragged and resized.

Check out the Screen Shots enclosed.
Hope this helps.


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Thanks a bunch. I think your first screenshot depicts what I'm trying to do. I think I might go with it! Thanks!