Multiplex Pro 7 not working with Trainer


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Does anybody know how to setup, configure or get working with Trainer a Muliples Pro 7 transmitter and USB-PC lead, as this is not working for me. Cable is connected to WIndows 10 PC, in games mode, driver is loaded, red light on transmitter is on and cable is connected?

Have i just wasted 49 pounds on a sim that wont work?
Does RealFlight complain about not seeing a controller at all, or is it that the controller is active but makes no sense in how it controls the movement of the airplane?

If it's the latter, that's fixable. There's a thing RF calls a Controller Profile that lets you map your controller channels to the virtual RealFlight radio channels. The models in the sim are all wired to RF channels for consistency. For example, once you make the connection in the Controller Profile for Throttle for example, then all models should see the throttle stick work on your controller.

RF ought to see your controller if you see it in the Windows Control Panel applet called joy.cpl. You can just run "joy.cpl" from the Start Menu, or go to Settings and search for "set up usb game controller". You should see your controller listed there; selecting it and clicking Properties will take you to a screen where you can see sliders move as you move the sticks.