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I have a DXS transmitter with the USB Dongle on my computer. Everything works great except one thing... when I toggle the switch to chose between BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE and EXPERT mode, the software only toggles between BEGINNER and EXPERT mode, skipping INTERMEDIATE mode. When I put my DXS toggle in the middle position where INTERMEDIATE should be, the software moves to EXPERT mode. So I am unable to fly any plane (i've tried several in the software) in INTERMEDIATE mode. My ACTUAL plane acknowledges INTERMEDIATE MODE, so I know the issue is not my DXS --- the issue is clearly computer/software.

Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, do they have a solution?
You'll need to calibrate your controller again in RF. At the beginning of that process, when it tells you to center the sticks, you must also put any three-position switches in their center position. Then move to the next step and move each control through its range of motion; for the switches, flip them all the way back and forth a couple of times.