Not True Three Channel


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I've been trying to use the BLT Park Flyer because it's just three channels like an old electric plane I used to have (throttle, rudder and elevator), but the game doesn't seem to have a true three channel mode as moving the aileron control (right x-axis) still causes the plane to roll. Am I missing something?

Controller: Interlink Plus / Software: G3.5 (No updates applied)


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Start the RealFlight editor and look at Channel 1 in the Radio section and you'll see it has 2 inputs, so they connected both the rudder and aileron controls to the Rudder. Just delete the input for the Aileron (channel 1) and it should be true three channel. You'll need to save it as another name since it's a built-in plane. Then fly the new name and it should only have three channels.


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Thank you for the quick reply! That solved the issue. For those also wishing to fix this, here are the instructions exactly (For G3.5):

1) Select the airplane you want to modify
2) Select the "Aircraft" menu option, then select "Edit (aircraft name)"
3) Double-click "Software Radio" from the settings in the bottom left pane to expand it
4) Double-click "Output Channel 1" from the settings in the bottom left pane to expand it
5) You should see two "Input" listings - Left-click one time on each one to view their settings in the bottom right pane
6) Right-click on the "Input" that contains "Input Channel 1 (Channel 1 Roll)" and select "Delete Input Feed"
7) In the editor window, select "File" and "Save As" to save the new corrected aircraft