Operating the Camera and Gimbal


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When the description reads "Operate the Camera and Gimbal," such as on the B&H website dose this mean that one can control the camera and gimbal separate from flying of the drone. Like in a two operator situation in real life where one is the pilot and the other operator is the camera op.?

Or is this software only for training of pilots in flying of drones and not useful for those wanting to develop the skills need to operate separate from those of flying?

What experience have you as users of this software had in the "Operate the Camera and Gimbal," training in this software?



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It is not a 2 person setup. You have the ability on the controller to move the camera on many of the aircraft though while also flying it. It has a 8 channel controller.
I agree with Bama... this software does not provide the dual operator features that you have asked for. The aircraft will pretty much fly itself while you work with the camera. You cannot zoom, panning is done with aircraft rudder.

It is just not possible, as the software currently exist, to have two controllers active in the same window on the same aircraft at the same time.