Problem with loading G2 to new computer

John D. Kurtz

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purchased RealFlight G2 fliight simulator some years ago and used it on my computer. Ihave purchased a new computer and decided to use my smulator again, but when I tried to load it, I ended up getting a message (KEEror32495) and was unable to get the thing to work. Real Flight loaded into my computer, but when it says insert original disc (which I have) into the disc drive, that's when I get the message saying cannot ope filess. Any suggestions?

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Although this post is old it has been covered elswhere.
Execute the installer and the program as Adminstator by right clicking the icons and select that option. This is new since the introduction of Vista also applies to Windows 7 and Windows 8, 8.1. It has to do with added security and UAC ( User Access Control).
RF wants to make changes to your diskdrive and registries, in UAC this is not allowed unless you explicitly let it.