Problems connecting for online updates? Read this.


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st trying to install RF after a couple years absent from the hobby. The program installed and ran fine but I am unable to register or upgrade. Here are the screen shots of the errors I get while trying to do so.

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Ryan Douglas

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It must have been a temporary server issue. It's working fine for me right now.

If you haven't already, I suggest you simply try again.


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The Launcher from version .410 is now available for direct download. The file is a self-extracting setup that will copy the latest Launcher to the correct location for you.
Where do I find the Launcher v.410 for direct download?

This version of the Launcher fixes several problems that kept some customers from performing online updates. The problems affected users with a Direcway satellite internet connection and some users inside a network. The usual KEError in this case was 12228.

Of course, if you can't connect for updates in the first place, you can't download the Launcher that will fix your problem, so now you can download it here. Just save it to your local drive somewhere convenient and then run it. You won't need to change any settings during the installation.

When finished, run the Launcher and attempt online registration and updates. Please let us know your results with this version of the Launcher! If you still have problems, please tell us what happens and exactly what error messages you receive.