Re-registering G4

Jon Lloyd

New member
Hi All

I used to frequent these forums a lot when I initially bought RFG4 a while back. But I moved, changed PC’s etc etc and the software and controller were boxed up for a few years. I have a renewed enthuisiasm for RC Aircraft now (I went through a helicopter phase) and have now owned 4 different drones.

I have managed to re-install RFG4 on my PC and have it up and runing without issue - except for the updates. I downloaded the Add-ons for G4 (from memory I think it even got to G4.5) but it will not allow me to use these add-ons without updating the software - thats where I hit a snag. It is asking me to register the software but when I try, it tells me it is already registered - which makes sense.

How do I get round this issue?

I forgot my original login on the fourms (I remember my user name but for reason a password reset request doesn’t result in an email coming through). I created a new account on here but I don’t know if that is effecting my need to register?

Can anyone help me with this issue. It’s a legitimate copy with all the serial numbers.

Thanks in advance.

Contact tech support. If you have all of the serial numbers, they will help you with the registration so you can update everything. Use the info at the top of the page to contact them. It's the Grey bar.
Thanks csgill75 - all sorted now. I did end up finding some instructions in the FAQ section. They de-registered it for me. I'm all up to date now with G4.5

Looking to buy a real Avios Grand Tundra soon so want to brush up on my flight skills!