RealFlight 7, 8, and 9 Multiplayer are Merging!

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
Going all the way back to RealFlight G2, RealFlight's multiplayer feature has always been sequestered by major version. Users with G3 cannot join a G4 session, RF6 users cannot join a G5 session, etc.

If you have RealFlight 7 or later, that is no longer the case! We merged the RF7, RF8, & RF9 multiplayer worlds such that they can all see and join each other's sessions.

New public versions 8.00.056 and 9.00.022 are available for RF8 & RF9, respectively. You must download them to participate in multiplayer.

RF7 does not require an update; RF7 users will be involved automatically.

Older versions of RealFlight (RF6 and earlier) will continue to work as they always have.

Please enjoy!
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