RealFlight 9.50.038 is now public (all versions)

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
We are pleased to announce that RealFlight version 9.50.038 is now available as a free public release for all versions of the software (DVD, Tower Hobbies Digital, and Steam)!

This update is primarily focused on improving the experience for users with a Spektrum DXS radio. With the new Spektrum Receiver (DXS) radio profile, the "A/Bind" button on the DXS does double duty, controlling Panic functionality on models that have it as well as operating retracts/smoke on models with those features.

  • Added a "Spektrum Receiver (DXS)" radio profile
  • Renamed "Spektrum MLP6DSM" radio profile to "Spektrum Receiver (MLP6DSM)" to match other similar profiles
  • RealFlight displays a reminder to turn off your transmitter on exit when using a Spektrum WS1000/WS2000 dongle
  • 1903 Wright Flyer: Motor visuals are associated with the correct physics components

How to Get It

DVD and Tower Hobbies Digital versions

Start the RealFlight Launcher. The option to update will appear below the usual "Run RealFlight" button.

Steam version:

You can trigger the update by completely restarting Steam. Right click the Steam icon in your system tray and select Exit. Once everything closes, run Steam again, and the update should complete.