RealFlight Evolution with Radiomaster TX16S - mapping problems

Ooops, sorry I threw that in. It's one of the RF output options for the TX16s (the other is the 4in1 RF module). Express LRS (ELRS) protocol is open source, is pretty well supported, and now being used by many fixed wing flyers, in addition to quads etc. The Tx and RX are relatively inexpensive (a very functional 6 channel ELRS Rx is available for $13). I'm very pleased with the performance and support for Edge TX, ELRS, and 4in1.
Any isues getting the ELRS BLE joystick to work with RF Evo? I could never get it to work with RF 7.5. Looking at buying RF EVO, but my decision to buy the new Interlink DX or not will be influenced based on the ability to use my TX16S or my son's TX12s with BLE joystick. I also have the older RF 7.5 version of the Interlink controller, but would much rather use my Radiomaster radios in bluetooth mode so we don't have cords running to the laptop from the radio.
The spektrum dongle only has 8 channels. So you can't assign more than 8 channels. The USB connection will probably allow you to use all the channels. There are a bunch of threads here that discuss how to configure the USB interface for different Tx's. I assume that at least one of them will help you. You might try this one:
can you help
i am using dongle with radiomaster edge tx 16s, i want to use my switch on TX for low, high medium rates which i have them set up on trasmitter along with their assigned expo
i bound the plane and tried to assign throttle which is channel 3 on RF and on my TX 16s, it wo't assign it i was able to get aileron, rudder, elevator to work but not throttle on channel 3
also i am unable to get the swith working when i toggle on my TX with RF evolution
thank you
i got eerything to work except channel 5 i have low, med high rate swith on my TX SE switch which has rates/expo for each
when i go to assign and move switch nothing happens,
Please just use ONE conversation in these forums when asking for help. You have posted your problem in at least 3 different places, which just leads to confusion when getting help - other people may not know that you've received advice in a different thread.

Your radio uses a switch in Inputs to select rates/expo. Those Inputs change the channels they are assigned to (Ail, Ele, Rud). If you do not check the boxes shown below in the Configurator, rates/expo will function as you expect. There is no need to assign the switch in the Configurator (as you have found, you can't do it). BUT - the rates/expo will be used for all planes in Real Flight. The only way to have different rates for different Real Flight planes is to create a new model for each one in your radio.

If the boxes are checked, as shown, the only way Real Flight knows that you flipped a switch, is if that switch controls a seperate channel on your radio. You would NOT use Inputs to set up rates in the radio in this case. You need to assign a switch as a Source in the Mixer to a Channel (usually Ch 5). Then you can go to assign and move the switch, to teach Real Flight that that is the channel used to change the rates. You do NOT need to change any other settings in your radio. The model in Real Flight then uses the preset settings for Dual Rates, Expo stored in the RF model (not the radio) to change rates. To edit the rates/expo, you have to use the Airplane Editor in Real Flight to make a copy of the plane, and then go to the section for Software Radio and edit the rates/expo defined there.

So your choice - have many different models on your radio if each needs different rates, or use one model on your radio for Real Flight, but then you need to create and use copies of the originals in Real Flight if you don't like the settings it has defined.

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