RealFlight G2 Has a Virus?

I bought this RealFlight G2 Simulator from a local hobby shop. It's the complete package from the manufacture. And yet some anti virus programs say it has a virus.

I set up a Windows XP machine to play with this simulator. I decided to run ESET and Kaspersky rescue CDs. They are Anti Viruses that you boot into from a CD. Then you can update the definitions and scan your computer. ESET didn't find any issues but Kaspersky did. I attached a screen shot.

There have been another time that I found a virus on this CD.

Below there is two links to

cpanel.exe (This file is on the official CD!)


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Ryan Douglas

Staff member
There have been times over the years when some antivirus packages have reported false positives for our software. If you are indeed using an official G2 disk then I can reassure you you're in the clear despite what you're seeing there. On the other hand, if you're using a version you found online somewhere, 1) don't do that, and 2) something malicious definitely could have been added.