RealFlight Trainer Edition is on sale now!

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
RealFlight Trainer Edition is now available on Steam! This streamlined version of RealFlight has everything beginners need to become a confident and capable pilot.

RealFlight Trainer Edition ships with 5 airplanes and 1 helicopter from Horizon Hobby. They are variously equipped with SAFE, SAFE+, AS3X, and LAS technology.

The vehicle roster includes the brand new E-flite Habu STS 70mm EDF! The Habu is a sport jet which is capable of aerobatic flight and yet friendly enough to also function as a trainer for first-time pilots. 3S and 4S variants are included.

Also included are flight training lessons from experienced pilots that walk inexperienced flyers through the controls and features of the trainer models before progressing to the basics of flight.

RealFlight Trainer Edition is distributed through Steam. You can get it:
  • With the RTF version of the Habu, which includes both a Spektrum WS2000 dongle and a code for obtaining RF Trainer Edition on Steam!
  • Directly from the Steam store.
  • By purchasing a Steam key at your favorite hobby shop.
RealFlight Trainer Edition owners can also upgrade to the Steam edition of RealFlight 9 at a discounted price, making this a great entry point for new RealFlight users and a fantastic bonus for people who purchase the Habu RTF version!

For more information please visit the RealFlight Trainer Edition page on Steam.