RealFlight Trainer Edition version 1.00.023 is now available!

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
The 1.00.023 update is focused primarily on radio support. It contains dedicated profiles for the Spektrum DXS and DXeA. It also corrects an issue where the default radio profile was not properly configured for the Spektrum DXS transmitter/WS2000 dongle combo.

Note that two radio profiles no longer exist in the same form, so you may need to reselect an appropriate profile for your radio after this update. In particular, if you were using the "Spektrum Receiver (7+ ch)" profile successfully and your radio doesn't have its own dedicated profile, you will need to select the new "Spektrum Receiver" profile.

  • Prevent crash on startup when Steam Input is interfering with the controller. Display a helpful message instead.
  • Radio profiles: Added "Spektrum Receiver (DXS)" and "Spektrum Receiver (DXeA)"
  • Radio profiles: "Spektrum Receiver (DXS)" is the new default profile for Spektrum WS1000/WS2000 wireless USB dongles
  • Radio profiles: Removed the "Spektrum Receiver (5-6 ch)" profile
  • Radio profiles: Renamed the "Spektrum Receiver (7+ ch)" profile to "Spektrum Receiver"
  • Help documents: Added new Spektrum WS1000/WS2000 Wireless Dongle doc to Help menu
  • Help documents: Updated the Radio Interface Help doc
  • Help documents: Removed outdated WS1000.pdf
  • Aircraft: Various art improvements
  • Aircraft: Descriptions include additional channel/switch info
  • "Upgrade RealFlight" banner in the Welcome dialog is updated for RealFlight 9.5
  • Minor misc. updates for Welcome dialog tips, credits, and Spanish translation UI elements
As long as you haven't disabled automatic updates for this title within Steam, it should update automatically sometime soon. You can trigger the update manually by completely restarting Steam. To do so, right click the Steam icon in your system tray and select Exit. Once everything closes, run Steam again, and the update should complete.