Returning newb: great experience apart from installation


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So after a worse than horrible installation experience what with all the undocumented Steam nonsense etc, very pleased with the trainer edition. I got a very very old G series edition decades ago and now thought I'd try the latest while I'm snowed in. And would you believe, the old Futaba Interlink Plus USB controller works perfectly. I really wasn't expecting that. Back to the installation, I don't know why RF don't put the trivial amount of effort into providing instructions (the link on the Tower site where I bought it is a 404); it's a very small amount of effort - a couple of paragraphs - for a great deal of customer satisfaction (witness all the posts here about install issues).
Thank you for letting us know about your experience getting started with the software, and I'm sorry it was not a good one. I've passed that on so that we can correct the instructions issue, which I think would have solved all of those issues for you.
Since graduated to Evolution. All great - it really is just the installation, and finding everything in the Steam browser once it's done. (Account? Library? Content?)