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Although I have been building and flying RC planes for awhile I recently purchased the RF Trainer Edition as I wanted to first check if it would run on my hardware before splashing out on the full version. It does seem to work providing I use the low graphics mode option but I am having some problems flying the E-flite Apprentice STS 1.5m in AS3X Experienced mode. I have to fly with full throttle in order to maintain any sort of level flight otherwise the plane quickly nose dives. I've compared my stick positions with the corresponding training lesson and the instructor seems to be flying a little over half throttle to maintain level flight which sounds more realistic. My controller calibrates just fine and my trims are centered but it just doesn't seem to be working as I would expect.
When you calibrated your controller, did you 'centre' the throttle (as per instructions) at the beginning of the calibration process?
As suggested I did make sure that I centered the throttle at the start of the calibration process and I do seem to have the problem with all aircraft. If the throttle is a little over half way I can maintain level flight by holding the elevator at about 25%. The trims on my radio don't seem to have any effect. The radio is a Taranis X9D and I am using it with the XSR-SIM dongle. I just added -30% sub trim to the elevator and that seems to have done the trick but didn't think that I would need to do that on a simulator.
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I'll consider this AS3X mode issue closed as the workaround was to add considerable negative sub trim to the elevator channel in my radio. Now I have a more serious problem - RF is no longer detecting the stick inputs from my radio, I'll create another thread for this problem.
I did not notice this before but because my controller profile was based on a generic game controller RF sets a 10% dead band to the stick inputs and although this is good for PC game controller hardware its not recommended for actual radios so I set it to 0 and its really helped when flying in AS3X mode. I've also noticed that my radio trims now work but not sure if that's related.
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