RF6.5 Interlink Controller compatibility


New member
I have RF6.5 and my Interlink Controller gimbals are starting to wear out and becoming quite glitchy. Does anyone know of a way to adapt a Radiomaster Zorro to use with the software. I am running Windows 10 and I use the Zorro with my 5 Drone simulators through my Steam account. Horizon Hobby will not help out with this issue as they same they cannot confirm third party compatibility.

Ryan Douglas

Staff member
The latest versions of RealFlight allow you to use other, non-InterLink controllers. RF6.5 does not.

I'm not familiar with the Radiomaster Zorro. The short answer is that if there is a way to make Windows see it as a USB game controller, then you can configure RealFlight Evolution to use it. Depending on things like how many output channels it has, you may find it provides a suboptimal experience, and you may prefer to get an InterLink DX.