RF7.5 Adding new planes

this video is how I learned...
go to 10 minutes and 17 seconds.
...but in the video he refers to the old URL of the website that you are on right now.
also, he moves the RFX file to the RFX folder before he imports it, but you can download it to and import it from any folder that you wish to.
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Space boy, I`m pretty sure he can download and import planes from later versions of RF as well. If I remember correctly, the cut off was at 6.5, whereas, IF you`re still using 6.5, you could only download and import from that version and earlier.
Chico espacial, estoy bastante seguro de que también puede descargar e importar aviones de versiones posteriores de RF. Si no recuerdo mal, el corte fue en 6.5, mientras que, SI todavía está usando 6.5, solo puede descargar e importar desde esa versión y versiones anteriores.
y para los que tienen Real Flight 7.... Qué modelos puedo descargar...??
y para los que tienen Real Flight 7.... Qué modelos puedo descargar...??
Maykel, you should be able to download and import any plane you want, as long as it was CREATED BY A MODELER (an EA),...... IF a plane IS BASED on a default model OTHER THAN RF7, you won`t be able to import it into RF7. If you want, try looking at an airplane file in RF9 that you might like, and download it, then try and import it into RF, just make sure it says "EA" at the end of the file, it should import into RF7, and then will appear on your list of "CUSTOM PLANES" if you see an "AV" (aircraft variant) or a "CS" (color scheme) file that you like, THEY WILL REQURE another "EA" file in order to work.
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