RF9.5S software Compatibility


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I have a RealFlight Interlink Elite Controller by Futaba. And I was wondering if it would work with the RF9.5s software, or would I have to by a new Controller along with the software ? Also would the newer software see the older version RF software and planes that I have used ?

Thank you

9.5S will indeed work with your InterLink Elite. Given that it supplies a full 8 channels plus UI controls, overall it should provide a good experience. It is worth noting that some functionality such as SAFE Panic mode (available on certain models) will either be unavailable or more difficult to access, depending on whether you are willing to remap a channel to use it (which involves a tradeoff).

If you're asking about custom content, it would either need to be reimported or manually copied on your disk, which involves editing paths within some of the files. You can search for other threads discussing that topic.