SAB Goblin helicopters


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Hi guys,

yes im absolutely new in this community bbut not new to flying ;) so im flying since 2014 with different RF versions and was always happy about Goblin Models also within RF.Gronimod you know.

So i just wanted to ask if someoone is able to to da a mod for me / us as im pretty sure there are many SAB Lovers out there who want ot use a Goblin on the field.

If not..well thats life :)

Greetins Wasp


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What kind of mod are you considering?
If it needs the 3D mesh to be modified that would not be possible, we would need the source files from the person who originally made the model.


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Gronimod did a few Goblins. Google his name and it comes up with more information. He had a website a few years ago where he was selling them, but got annoyed because not enough people were buying them since it was against the terms of the EULA to sell models that were put through the KEMAX tool at the time. I don't know if that is still the case, but his models are out there in the hands of a few users. I have a few of them myself I downloaded when someone uploaded them to the swap pages several years ago, but I'd have to find them again as they are on HDD's not installed in my computer anymore.


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Did anyone ever come up with a SAB heli?
Here are links to downloads of Sab Goblin models on the swap pages.