SAFE Select Switch: can I program it into my radio?


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On the AeroScout in RF with the "Flight Modes" popup visible, I can toggle between "SAFE Beginner" and "AS3X: Experienced" by pressing and holding the Bind button on my NX10 radio.

But I cannot figure out how to select "SAFE: Intermediate". It shows on the popup, but I cannot select it.

Is this something I have to tend to in my radio's Setup, or is it built into RF's various airplane simulations?


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I have answered my own question.

* Function List / System Setup / Channel Assign /Channel Input Config / 6 Aux1: Assign to a three-position switch like D.

* Function List / Digital Switch Setup: Select switch D and set Pos 1 to 50%.

All three Flight Modes are now available via the Gadgets / FlightModes dialog.

Have not yet figured out how to enable Panic, but am guessing it will be a matter of identifying which channel Panic is on and assigning that channel to the Bind button (switch I).