SkyLeaf Leader_CS

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David Fried

Wow. Cool
thanks Liberator for indicating there is another fai model to practice with
In see in the notes section that this SkyLeaf requires f3a Harmony. Since I don’t have Harmony, could you please tell me where or how to get H
f3a Harmony?
I would greatly appreciate it

uncle twist

Well-known member
Just click on the link right below where it says "this color scheme requires", that will take you to the file file you need, then, click on the green "download" in the upper right corner. and then import that plane into RF as well as the color scheme.

David Fried

Hey thanks Liberator and Twist,
I was able to download SkyLeaf and Harmony to RF 9.5 and had it running. I had to close RF to go have breakfast and when I returned to run again RF it just won't start. I'm terribly sad and disappointed that I just downloaded/added a new model like many times before and now I can't even run real flight.
Could you please tell me what I did wrong?

David Fried

I have downloaded Harmony and SkyLeaf models well And had RF running. Thanks.
Left RF and came back after a while to restart. But doesn’t work at all. On the upper edge of RF windows it says “not responding”
please help me to run RF simulator