SOAP Methods list?


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Does anyone know the list of currently available SOAP Method in FlightAxis Link? ArduPilot implementation only uses 3 method IIRC. What I want to use is the said "Reset simulation" method, but i cant seem to find it anywhere (yeah, ArduPilot don't use reset simulation method). Anyone know and care to share all the SOAP Methods? Thank you!

edit: I found the SOAP Method to reset simulation, it's ResetAircraft. Still, I'm curious about the other method!

edit2: After re-read the QNA, I think there are only 4 SOAP Method currently implemented in FlightAxis. Those are:
-ExchangeData : It'll send input from -1 to 1 to each channel. You can send up to 12 input channel, depends on m-selectedChannels value in which is 2^n for n = how many input channel you want to send
-RestoreOriginalControllerDevice : This will give "FlightAxis controller is turned off" in the console in which the input control are no longer come from external controller
-InjectUAVControllerInterface : This method is to start the interface, and will gives "FlightAxis controller is turned on" in the console. RF will start to receive input from external controlelr
-ResetAircraft : This method is to reset your aircraft position, just like how you'd press spacebar to reset ;)
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