Sound on G4.5 won't work with Windows 7


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Does anyone know how to get the sound to work for G4.5 on Windows 7?
WIN 7 looks completely stupid in matching sounds with components, and it DON'T WORK...


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Works fine from what I see.

I don't understand how "Win 7 LOOKS COMPLETELY STUPID" ?

"Components" ? What components?

"Sounds" ? What sounds? Sound output from programs or Windows system sounds?

You may want to familiarize yourself with the Windows Mixing capabilities and how it treats various and available audio input and output devices.

I've seen people complain that they have "no sound" when they have speakers plugged into their sound card, when what is happening is that their audio is being routed to their HDMI monitor, that they in turn have muted.

A few minutes looking at the mixing and sound settings in Windows on their part would have made their issue obvious.