Spektrum NX8 with WS2000 dongle setup


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Hello group. I have read through a few posts on here regarding these Spektrum NX series controllers, but not finding instructions on how to properly configure an NX8 using the WS2000 dongle. If there is a good thread on this, please provide that link. I am stumped on all this channel mapping stuff. How do you even know what channel is assigned to what switch? Why are they called channels when they also seem to call them by their labled name like A, B, C etc? So is button A supposed to be channel 1?? How would anyone ever know that or is it just assumed? I can’t change those settings it seems. Just need a step by step walk through on it if anyone has that documented by chance?

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There are two sides to the process. One is the model setup on your NX8; that's how you determine which switch will do what. Typically you'd set up the NX8 to fly an aircraft as usual, such as putting the flight mode switch on Switch B, the gear switch on A, and flaps on D.

The other side is to map the real NX8 radio channels (provided through the WS2000) to RealFlight's virtual radio channels. RF uses different channel numbers than on Spektrum radios.

I have a writeup here that was done with a DX9, but the process will work exactly the same way with an NX radio.

For what it's worth, the NX radios have a unique capability to connect to the computer via USB and present themselves as a game controller. If you had an NX10 I'd recommend going that route, as the WS2000 is limited to 8 channels. For an NX8, there's no difference in that respect. The computer could still charge the NX through the USB cable while you're using it, so that's another benefit if you don't mind the cable. I have a writeup about that too, here.