Spitfire XIV EP - 70 in - 75AX GLOW_AV

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I can't determine why the plane bounces a bit on landing...
In RealFlight they have 2 types of gear "springy" and "normal" lots of planes use "springy" because you can turn the sound to "0" and when you land there isn't a "plop" type of sound when the tires hit the ground. With "normal" gear, even when the sound is truned down to "0" there's always a "plop" sound when the tries hit the ground. Then in RF-X you have to use "springy" gear because if you don't the gear will "stick" to the ground in a rough area and you can hardly move it. BUT.. If you don't mind the "plop" sound when the tires hit the ground go into the Physics and look at the entries for the Landing Gear on the Main Wing and find the Landing Gear Type entry and change it from "Springy Scale Retracts" to just "Scale Retracts". After you find the entry click on it and a drop down box will allow you to change it. That should fix your bouncing.