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I have made the physical modifications to the Interlink Elite transmitter necessary in order to use flight controls in mode 2. However, I don't think that the simulator recognizes these changes because every time that I select mode 2 in the sim, it still operates in mode 1. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Convert Interlink Elite: Mode 1 transmitter, to Mode 2

To Convert InterLink Elite, Mode 1, to Mode 2
1) There are Physical changes, to the Transmitter, And,
2) Program Changes, that Need to be made.

1) For the Physical Changes, to the Transmitter
Convert the Non-Self Centering Stick (Throttle) From: The Right Vertical Stick, To: The Left Vertical Stick.
For Physical Changes, Follow this Link:

2) For Program Changes:
In the Main Menu, Click Simulation > Select Controller > Edit
In the Edit Profile Interlink, Window that opens, Configure to Mode 2. See Picture for Channel Configuration.
Click "Save as", and give your profile a Name, (eg InterLink Mode 2)
Close the save as Window.
Re-Calibrate your Controller, for Good Measure

To change the On Screen Radio Gadget so it corresponds with your Mode 1 Setup:
Click Gadgets > Radio Mode (gadget only)> Mode 2. See Picture.
You should be good to go.
For Other Transmitter Modes, see Transmitter Mode Chart Picture.

For Conversion Mode 2 to Mode 1 Use Link:

To Convert to Mode 3 or Mode 4 Use Link:


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