T-28D Nomad 20%_EA

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T-28D Nomad 20%_EA

Besides its use as a trainer, the T-28 was successfully employed as a counter-insurgency aircraft, primarily during the Vietnam War. The T-28D Nomad is a rebuilt T-28A with a more powerful engine, two underwing mounted 50 cal. machine guns, six underwing hardpoints, and strengthened wings. The T-28D was powered by a 1425hp Wright Cyclone R-1820-56S nine cylinder radial engine driving a three blade Hamilton Standard propeller. To allow the T-28D to perform in its intended role as a tactical...

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Press the "Esc" key,
Scroll down the list and click on "My Realflight"
Select "Import"
Select "Realflight Archives"
Browse to where you saved the download of the T-28D Nomad 20% EA file (usually your Downloads Folder)
Click on the name of the model and press the "Open" tab.
You will see an import successful message at the top of the screen.
Next open the Select Aircraft (left-side of screen) scroll down to find the T-28D in the list, click on the name and wait a few seconds for the model to load, then have fun flying this fantastic model.
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I am having a problem importing into Evolution also. All I get out of any EA file is the prop. It flies fine but all I have is a prop to look at.

EDIT: Actually I just tried to fly a factory loaded plane and its doing the same thing. This is the glitchiest game I have ever used.
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