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When I purchased RF G2, their was a Hanger Nine Taylor Craft in the airplane inventory-which is the reason I purchased this sim. That was twelve years ago. Now I want to freshen-up my stick skills after a two year project-mounting Sea Commander floats on the T Craft.
Now, for some unknown reason, their is no T Craft in the G2 plane inventory. What had I missed. Was this plane in an Add-on disk?
Any ideas how to recover this aircraft?
If this is not practical, can you recommend a current sim which has this plane in its hanger?
Thank you for your time.

Maj. Numbskully

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You missed versions ?2.5(?) ,3 ,3.5, 4 ,4.5,5, 5.5, 6 ,6.5, 7,7.5

Its on add-on 4
it still must be purchased
That being said I'm not even sure you can get an add on for anything below version 3.0 can you ?

The add-ons are free for versions 4.0 and above via DL only or they are on some of the newer expansion packs I think and maybe the mega packs (not sure )
Ex. packs and Mega packs are also purchase only items ....but again those are not compatible with 2.0 anyhow

Asking about a competing sim in another sims forum is just not cool BTW
would you really walk in to a Ford dealership for directions to Chevrolet?
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Ryan Douglas

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Yes, you must have had Add-Ons 4 installed last time around. If you can't find that disk and reinstall it, then you won't be able to fly that model in G2 now.

As others have pointed out above, we have repackaged Add-Ons 1-5 and released them as free downloads, but those are only compatible with RealFlight G4 or later versions.

G2 is a very, very, very old product. I suggest you join us in RealFlight 7.5 (just released)! We've come a long way.

Maj. Numbskully

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how would you have used the addon Taylor Craft to brush up your stick skills after adding floats to yours ? it wouldn't fly the same way anyhow ?


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Maj. Numbskully,
Agree with your observation that it wouldn't fly the same if float equipped. Stick time and familiarity with the TC is what I'm looking for presently. It's been five years since I've flown any RC fixed wings.
With Christmas so close, perhaps I will top my list to Santa for RF 7.5
Just to be clear; Add-Ons 1-5 have a TC in the inventory and this would be able to be modified to fly off water?
Thanks for your time.


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Thank you for your input. I'm convinced! Santa will surely have the latest RF 7.5 in his sleigh with my name on it. I have been a VERY good boy this year.
Reviewing the features of 7.5, I don't see a Hanger Nine Taylor Craft. I've looked at all the Expansion Pack aircraft and the Mega Pack. Got any ideas?
Thanks, Motorrr

uncle twist

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So, are we to presume that you`ve added floats to your "real world" model. If that`s the case, you might be better off trying to practice with a similar RF plane, I could be wrong, but I don`t recall a Taylor Craft with floats in RF..:p


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Yeah Santa! Thanks for filling my stocking with RF 7.5.
Now where is that Hanger Nine Taylor Craft? Add-on disk 4?
I'm not expecting the TC to be float equipped. Just want to fly a familiar fixed wing.