Trying to install G3 on my Win 7 computer and it crashes

Desert Flyer

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It's been a long long time since I've even had RealFlight G3 installed on any of my computers and I'd like to install it again since I can no longer go out and fly the real models that I used to.

However, every time that I try to install G3 from the Disk it crashes.

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to have my Interlink Plus controller plugged in before trying to install the software or wait until the software is installed or if it matters at all.

Also, how many discs should I actually have, I only have found 1 and since it says Disc 1 on it, I assume there is 2 or more discs that I'm about to go hunting through my big box of discs (some 600+ programs/game discs) to see but would be useful to know if I only need to find the 2nd or if there are 6 of them or whatever.

Anyway, disc 1 though is crashing when trying to run setup.exe and setup2.exe

My computer is a laptop
Asus G74
Nvidia GTX 560M
Intel i7 3.2GHz
Windows 7 professional edition

Thanks if you can help me get this installed again.

Desert Flyer

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Solution for me was to turn Windows Data execution prevention to only for windows essential programs and services, then reboot and it is now installing like it should be.

Ryan Douglas

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Yes, changing DEP was necessary on some systems for older versions of RealFlight. Starting with G5.5 that became unnecessary.


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I just installed G3.5 on a Windows 7 x64 i7 X58 (old) machine yesterday with no problems
whatsoever. There be 3 disks comprising G3.5. RF doesn't cotton to laptop hardware because
it tends to be too feeble. Unless yours is a mighty gaming machine, I'd bet RF doesn't like it.
Update your graphics driver and try again. If yours is a software issue, that'll fix it. If not,
I'd buy a real (desktop) machine. They are far less expensive than a laptop for a given level of
performance. tj

Desert Flyer

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Thanks for the reply, however this was solved about 13 months ago by changing the settings to the Windows data execution prevention to where it only worked for windows essential programs.

As far as running it on a laptop, it runs great on my laptop, with no hiccups at all, smooth as can be. Yes it was a gaming laptop that is now a few years old but continues to run today's games with a high frame rate (although as it ages each year and I buy more and more demanding games I do tend to turn down shadows to low or AA off so as to keep the high frame rates), and Realflight was (IMO) never a excessively demanding program (at least not version 3 / 3.5)

I own multiple gaming desktops but I can't exactly haul them around on my back like I can my laptop, for that we pay more and sacrifice a few FPS.

Edit: Remember folks, if you buy your laptop at big box stores like Staples, office depot etc, in general those stores sell work laptops, and not gaming laptops. So don't blame me if you go buy a work laptop and think it will run games.
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