TX16s Trim


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I have a TX16s and I have a question about trim. The ARET are all configured in RF9.5. How do I get the trim to output from the TX16s to RF9.5? I'm new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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You should be using a basic model setup on the TX, with trims enabled under Inputs, and in the Mixer. They will then act just like you moved the stick a little bit. All stock planes should not need any trim. If they do. you need to calibrate 1. The TX, 2. The Windows joystick device and 3. the Defined controller in RF - in that order. For custom or downloaded planes, you may find they need trim if the original was poorly configured. You'll likely have to retrim each time you switch planes, or go back to stock ones. For custom/swap planes one can use the Aircraft Editor to adjust for the trim desired so you don't have to keep retrimming, although it may take a bit of try and fly to get it dialed in.