Unknown product code

Robert Ruehle

New member
So I have had this program for a long time and it is on a laptop. The laptop crashed so I've been trying to put it on my home computer. Last time I tried it said something about getting a code or something so I sent an email.././or so I thought I did. Now I can't find the email so I came on and found this forum so hopefully someone here may be able to help. I have everything as far as the codes from when I bought it long ago. For some reason now I can't find anywhere to put the codes in. I see the launcher and when I click it I just get code 21051 Unknown product code. Hopefully I can get this working I picked up a couple ultralights so I want to get my hand eye coordination tip top. Thanks in advance any help is appreciated. My phone if anyone should need it 9513774053. Also I don't presently have internet on my computer
Update so I'm still trying to get this working and I just got the screen from before.
It says Real Flight was unable to activate. You must activate it manually before it will run
Contact blah, blah, blahso on this window I'm looking at it has all my serial; numbers and activation key. I don't have internet so I was thinking of hauling it over where I could get internet but if that's a waste of time please let me know.
Thank you