updating to later versions


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Just a quickie.....Wanting to get back in the sim. I have an old interlink and have seen version 6 software only, on local selling site to buy cheap. Can I use the 2 together with unmatched serial numbers and if they would work together what would I need to buy/do to upgrade to later versions....Many thanks in advance for any info


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Can't guarantee, but I'm, pretty sure the old versions were not "matched". But it does verify that the numbers are valid. The bigger risk is that the old software/hardware is already registered. I'm sure Horizon support can assist in transferring it to you. Whether you'll need the original owners to verify is the question. Call Support before committing.
As far as upgrades - just pay your money. No "deals" for having an older version. Typical was a modest discount if you had bought the latest old version shortly before the latest came out. That being the case, just buy RF9, and skip the old stuff. Even the controller - the old may work, but won't have all the features.