Why no FPV in challenge?


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My whole purpose in buying Drone Simulator is to learn how to fly the drones I plan to fly without the expense of crashes. I intend to use FPV and that's how I use drone simulator.

But the challenge won't allow me to set FPV and works only in fixed view!

This makes the challenges useless to me and they were a major factor in choosing RealFlight's simulator over others.

I cannot imagine why RealFlight did not program the challenges to allow the use of FPV!

A huge percentage of the commercial uses of drones involve using FPV because that's the only way to see if the drone is getting the video shot you want it to. Users like me are simply not interested in challenges that only use fixed view.

RealFlight really needs to upgrade the challenges to enable them to work with FPV!


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I think it's because Drone Simulator wants you use your real skill. I am new to this but managed to do the first two challenges without requiring FPV. You have to be able to control your drone from line of sight... :)


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I am up to 10 but I hate the way the Challenge operates. You can do nothing to the controls and then you are 50 feet higher crashing into the top of an obstacle. Is there some finger work or slight adjustments to make? Where is the tutorial that provides this knowledge.