Win10/4k display scaling


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I've just bought a laptop with Win10 and a 4K display. I think initially when I installed RF 6.5 that it seemed to function normally with the scaling of fonts and pop up menus. Later I connected the laptop to an external display, and when I went to full screen, things went a bit haywire. It went to like a clipped 4:3 aspect ratio, and when I went back to normal, it's not the same.

The popup menus are way to small, fonts on those menus way to small. It's obviously a scaling issue that Win10 has actually done a good job of fixing for high resolution displays, but I think applications may have to take advantage of it. It looks like this older version has a problem with it.

Does anyone have any advice on how I might reset this to the way it was initially? I think initially it was working. Is it possible to correct or configure in some way? Is this scaling issue fixed in 7.5?


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7.5 is essentially the same software that is RF 6.5. The difference really is the content. RF-X works in 4k but you will need a high end pc to run it. I don't think that a laptop could run RF-X at 4k since it really only works with a TitanX.