Acroduster - Hotrod Black_CS

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If you can't post an honest rating & comment (hear me helohero!), then DON'T post any at all......

Final version of this CS, tweaked to perfection. I like this version best.

First thing I did was get rid of the pilot's raggedy old brown leather jacket with the slightly pink tinged fur collar, in favor of a more modern black leather jacket with a nice clean white fur collar. Next I moved the flames back a bit so that more white is visible on the leading edges and darkened the yellow a bit. Then I replaced the slightly greenish wood inside the cockpit with new wood.

Trivia: The registration number on the tail is from George Lucas movies. His first movie THX1138, on a battle droid in Star Wars E1, on clone trouper helmets in SW-E2, "Prisoner transfer from cell block 1138" when they rescue Leia on the Deathstar in SW-E4. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1138 is spoken in German on the harbor loudspeaker.

P.S.: For those who don't understand ratings... 10 is great, 1 is crap.

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