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Here's a super-cool, totally original color scheme from the REBEL paint shop.
The Pepsi MAX aerobatic team.

Pepsi MAX, only one of the best soft drinks ever made. Great taste, zero calories, no sugar, and best of all... it can help you lose weight! I started drinking Pepsi MAX a few months ago and I've already lost between 5-10 pounds and a few inches around my waist... (must be the caffeine)!!

Anyone notice the picture on the left side of the fuselage? (ya gotta love it)

Trivia: For those who remember the early 70's, the registration number on the tail is an homage to the most kickass carburetor ever put on a V8, the Holley 650 Double-Pump. Great gas mileage and asphalt ripping power all rolled into one.

Please rate and comment, thank you.

Only a 7 (from unknown)!?! Must be a Pepsi hater / Coke lover.
If you're going to give a low rating, at least post a comment stating WHY.

This color scheme requires:

Extra330S BA_EA

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