Airboat 7 ft Wide Mike's Setup_AV

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A little bit off the beaten path for a flight simulator, but it's fun.
I've successfully scaled this airboat up to a 7 ft wide hull. You'll be thrilled with how well she moves on both water and land, and how great she sounds.

The airboat has lights and a six blade propeller. Top speed is scale at about 40mph.

This airboat has been balanced and tuned to sail exceptionally well, by adjusting the physics, the CG, adding mixes and applying AS3X stabilization.

Five Camera Views: Keyboard F1 Through F5


Please rate and comment so that I'll know if I'm on the right track with my setups. If I am, I'll keep doing it. If I'm not, I'll take your suggestions to make things better.

This variant requires:

Airboat from RealFlight 8