BVP-170 Mike's Setup_AV

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This is my version of this aircraft.
My goal is to improve the flight characteristics of this airplane.
A strange aircraft that didn't fly very well, but I've tamed the beast. You'll love how well the BVP-170 flies now. It will knife edge and she will also hover.

On landings, The BVP-170 comes in slowly and gracefully to a nice predictable touchdown.

This aircraft has been balanced and tuned to fly exceptionally well with no trim, by adjusting the physics, the CG, tuning the incidences of the flying surfaces and motors, adding mixes and applying AS3X flight stabilization.

Dual Rates: Channel 5 (Standard)
Retracts: Channel 7
Four Camera Views: Keyboard F1 Through F4


Please rate and comment so that I'll know if I'm on the right track with my setups. If I am, I'll keep doing it. If I'm not, I'll take your suggestions to make things better.

This variant requires: