AIRBOAT Flying 3D Boat_AV

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Ride along with Slater the Gator in his Airboat. Yes, he flies and is capable of many 3D moves in the air.
You can sit in the front seat, rear seat or anywhere else I may have put a camera. He is capable of going on land, sea and even in the air.
In low rates he's pretty smooth. In high rates he can get a little wild on his 3D moves. He likes to hover, show off his flat spins and other 3D moves. So, throw the smoke on from channel 7 and see if you like hanging with Slater the Gator.
I just put this one out there for someone who wanted something a little different. Have fun.
Color scheme and others are from ARELL.

This variant requires:

Airboat from RealFlight 8