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Long awaited, now available!

The turbine-powered Airwolf with MGs, retractable ADF-Pod and improved turbo-thrusters.
This model is equipped with a Jetcat SPH-5 Turbine for the main rotor and 2x Jetcat P120 SX for extra forward thrust.

CH. 5 --> rotor start/stop (20sec. spool up)
Knob --> Thrusters with variable thrust
CH. 7 --> retract gears and rockets (inverted)
3-pos. --> UP: idle | MIDDLE: MGs | DOWN: Rockets

To see the real Vario® RC MGs in action, watch this video:
Airwolf MGs

Be sure to have the knob completely CCW turned (flaps retracted) before you reset the heli or the thrusters will make you fly before you want it ;-p

Have fun with it, don't forget to rate :)


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