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Mythical, majestic, gorgeous...
Concorde was a legendary airliner and probably the most beautiful plane ever built.

This EA for RealFlight G4.5 is a replica of this beautiful bird with High Definition (HD) texture map.
This 6m long Plane has supercritical wings, afterburner and animated nozzles, just like the original.

Concorde wasn't a plane for rookies, its delta-wing was very unstable and only electronic was able to keep this plane stable.
I tried to reproduce these features by setting the wing as close as possible to the original and by trying to get the best stability possible using gyros.
Of course, this plane is also hard to fly (like the real Concorde) and requires a long runway to take off.
With time, training and patience, you will be able to land very smoothly with a nice alpha... but stay on your toes ;)

Nose/Visor on CH6
Landing Gears on CH7

Up = Thrust reverser with animated nozzles (Concorde was the sole airliner using Inflight Thrust Reverser)
Middle = normal cruise-flight
Down = Afterburner when Throttle > 95% (Concorde used Afterburner for take-off and to pass Mach but NOT during supersonic flight)

Have Fun!

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