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"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need... roads!"
Doc Emmett Brown pronounced these words just before to activate the VTOL-Engine of the DeLorean and fly with 88mph to the future, the october 21st 2015, 04:29PM.
Enjoy the driving and hovering of the DeLorean from Back to the Future 2 with this replica for RealFlight G4.5
Almost everything is animated! Open the doors and watch the steering-gear, pedals and RPM Needle rotate.
Drive it in the night and enjoy the full animated LED panel, time display, flux capacitor and undercarriage lights.
I only forgot to wash the car before to post, so please ignore the tar spots on the body and the hand smudges on the windows ;-)

Channels affectation:
CH1 to CH4 : as usual in VTOL mode
CH5 : UP –> front gear | DOWN –> rear gear (only in drive mode)
CH6 : Knob CW-turned –> VTOL (only in flight mode) | CCW-turned forward flight
CH7 : Open doors
CH8 : Push UP –> Drive mode | MIDDLE –> Hover mode, Flight mode | Pull DOWN –> gears retract
Kill engine : opens Mr. Fusion (reset for refuelling)

Just for fun, here a short video I found on YouTube about the DeLorean driven by Doc with Einstein inside:
BTTF - temporal experiment nr.2

Modeling, texturing and physics by ViennaLex76
Tested ONLY under G4.5 with standard RealFlight Controller.


P.S. This project is JUST FOR FUN so please don't make a comment like "the aerodynamic of the car is wrong" A car... well... can't fly. It's like that, the aerodynamic of a real car isn't made for flying so I had to cheat, BUT it looks approximately like in the movie :-D

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