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Now with 3D hover and aerobatic flight so smooth you'd swear Doc Brown must've built it himself. This ride is a joy in any geological period. Thanks to Lex, almost everything is animated! Open the doors and watch the steering wheel, pedals and RPM Needle rotate. Drive it at night and enjoy the full animated LED panels, time circuits, flux capacitor and undercarriage lights.

Controls: No more reverse switch on chanel 5. Throttle zero point is about 1/4 on high rates and 1/2 on low rates. A small amount of reverse thrust is available below these points.
Yaw, pitch and roll as usual. Forward elevator for brakes on the ground.
CH5: dual rates. High is very aggressive on the ground and in the air. Low is quite tame.
CH6: vertical thrust adjustment in flight mode(not a tilt, fore-aft thrust always on throttle, vertical always on knob).
CH7: Doors open
CH8: UP –> Drive mode | MIDDLE –> Flight mode | DOWN –> wheels horizontal.
Kill engine : opens Mr. Fusion (reset for refuel)

MAX Speeds (mph): Ground - low rates about 90, high rates about 140.
Air - Low rates wheels down - about 160, wheels up about 200.
Air - High rates wheels down - about 220, wheels up about 320.

Tips: Remeber that Doc Brown's new DeLorean is weightless so to do a proper landing you should transition to drive mode as you touch down, or right before. Vertical thrust at max works OK in all modes because drive mode automatically sets vertical thrust at full negative. For nice hover work, begin by controlling throttle for zero fore-aft movement. Then tune vertical thrust to zero up-down movement. If you like the airplane style hovering (nose up) leave vertical thrust at minimum. With vertical thrust at min, you'll have to have forward speed to take off (also like an airplane). High/low rates have the same control configuration, so its a good idea to practice transitions between air and ground ops (and other manuevers) in low rates until you get the hang of it.

Thanks again to Lex for the awsome EA. added three user cameras to give you a good look at Lex's great graphics. Hope you enjoy the makeover of controls and sounds. Remeber, this one's suposed to be un-RealFlight, but that doesn't mean it can't be awsome. Have fun.

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25cent -=-car -=-scifi -=-physics -=-fast -=-3D -=-aerobatic -=-other -=-300+mph -=-500+kph -=-fast -=-13-7

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