DeLorean Tears Up Night Obstacle Course_RC

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Pass 1 - over 200 mph. Pass 2 - rolling through the course. “Weightless 3D maneuvers.” This is a repost of a recording I did about a year ago. It was a good recording done very late one night (actually, early one morning). But I misspelled DeLorean in the file name. Its always bugged me. So, I finally got around to reposting it to fix the file name. Also, the original file name had Obstacle Course 1 in it, which was confusing. Recorded at Obstacle Course (Night) with DeLorean_BTTF2 3Dmax_AV.

I made this recording to emphasize the benefit of practicing with “unreal aircraft.” I’ve posted several “unreal” AVs (Quad Quartet, Velocian Wind Ray, Syn7 3D Orientation Trainer, DeLorean 3D Max, and, most recently, icT65 x-wing 100% scale & ARC-170 StarFighter 3D - of course, all AVs that fly near or faster than mach are necessarily unreal in RealFlight which doesn’t model compressibility or even the natural atmospheric pressure and density gradients). I’ve found that, over time, practicing with these “unreal” aircraft improves my flying skills with physical aircraft. If you’ve reached the point in developing your piloting skills that you feel comfortable flying a wide range of different aircraft, I highly recommend spending some time practicing with well designed “unreal aircraft.” RF simulations that fly at unreal speeds can help hone your sense of timing. Aircraft with unreal maneuverability can help to hone your senses of orientation and timing which is so critical to safely executing aggressive maneuvers with RC. Even weightless (or unrealistically light) aircraft can be beneficial if you want to slow down and “dissect” a maneuver that is giving you trouble. Of course, in RealFlight you can also slow down the physics, which is another great way to practice something new. Enjoy the recording, and give some of these fantasy AVs a try. Doc Brown would approve.

Be sure to download all the 25th Century SciFi AVs, CSs, and RCs (search "-=-scifi" to find them all) - DeLorean BTTF2 3Dmax, DeLorean BTTF2 3Dmax TFC, DeLorean Tears up Night Obstacle Course_RC Galileo II -, Warp Now! Scotty_RC, ARC 170 Starfighter 3D, ARC 170 X_CS, Starfighter Show at Cold Station_RC, icT65 x-wing 100% scale, Use the Force_RC, VX Invader, VX Invader_CS, Velocian Wind Ray, Velocian Wind Ray RF7, Vortex Wind Ray RF7, Velocian Wind Ray RF7_CS, TiE-X-IntrceptR_AV, TIE Interceptor X_CS, TIE Imperial Gaurd_CS, TIE Dark Force_CS, and Darth’s Devilish Demolition Demo_RC. May the Force bee with you. Live long and prosper. I’ll be back. etc…

25cent -=-car -=-scifi -=-fast -=-3D -=-other -=-500+mph 500+kph -=-night -=-demo -=-aerobatic -=-fast -=-15-7

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