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DeLorrean_BTTF2_AV 7.5 Visual Enhancements

* Forward & Reverse Thrusters - What is on the roof ??? ... don't really know, but it made a great place for reverse thrust.

* Sound and smoke (purple) when speed barrier (warp, sound, pick a name) is approached and exceeded. Will not be able to exceed the sound barrier without being in hi thrust mode with "wheels Up".

Thrusters change color ... blue for low, green for hi ( Ch. 5 Switch) ... purple added when speed barrier is broken.

* Lift Thrusters - automatic at or below 20 MPH

* Lift thrust adj. - rotary knob ( no change ... just noting)

* Auto door close >10 MPH or by ch7 Sw. or selecting antigravity (Ch. 8)

* Air turbulence as the speed increases.

* Changes to control throws ... so I could fly it at 300 MPH

* Some sound changes and additions.

* Camera's added ... easy to do, but nice addition.

* One thing of notice is the suspension has worn out from repeated high speed (bad) landings. Clicking noise as it bottoms out !

This model is a fantastic accomplishment by the author as noted by a 10 rating. Enjoyable to have.
Clever design and clever nomenclature in the editor ( binary and scientific sounding identifications). Made it somewhat difficult to edit until you dove in a bit. You will be able to see my additions ... not so clever ... traditional.

This variant requires:

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