Align T-Rex 600 NSP Red_EA

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Align T-Rex 600 NSP "Red"

Hi !

This is the T-Rex 600 NSP with red canopy. Added Alu-parts and lighter carbon paddels.

There are only two things you must or can change in both sims, when you want :

Go into the aircraft editor and turn on display advanced properties in the editor options.
Then go below to Airframe/Fuselage/Heli Mechanics and change:
Torque from Engine Modification (G4 85%, G4.5 115%)
Weight of Mechanics (G4 2500 gramm, G4.5 2250 gramm)

Otherwise don't change these options when you are not familiar with the aircraft editor.

Plz rate and write down all issues in the comments. Thanks.

For changes or updates for this and my other helis plz visit:

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Greetings from germany

maxx / Michael S.